About EveryWhen

EveryWhen is a history search engine. We want to document and index every historical event that has ever occurred and then allow people to slice and dice history to focus on the events that interest them.

Right now, we are working on the tools needed to index and search data. In the near future we will need the help of an army of passionate volunteer historians to document all of history.

Index Every Event

Whether it be a famous peace treaty or the release of a popular video game, EveryWhen will be the portal to the past.

Events are indexed by:

  • Start date/time and end date/time
  • Location - Each event is is geo-tagged
  • Actors - All the people who played a part in what happened
  • Topics - Events have multiple dimensions and can be linked to as many topics as needed

Validate Each Event

Some events are documented at the time the event occurred and others were documented 50 years later. Some information about an event come from a 1st or 2nd hand source while others come 3rd hand. The details surrounding a citation make a difference. High quality citations are key to helping users distinguish myth from fact. This information will be front and center to end-users.

Navigate the Past

Users can slice and dice history and jump from one timeline to another. In the future, will be able to seamlessly traverse past events and make discoveries and connections that would be impossible to see without the context of other related events.

If you are interested in helping to fund our project or have questions, you can contact us at admin@everywhen.org.